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Siege Engine Workshop

Periscope Books & Tutoring
1920 Pacific Ave.
Forest Grove, OR 97116, US (map)



Your home may be your castle, but only if you can hold it against all comers. And since the best defense is a good offense, maybe the place to start is preemptively swiping theirs. If this sort of logic appeals to you (or if you just like the idea of turning sticks and ropes into machines that bash, toss and fling) you need to attend the Siege Engine Workshop. We'll construct working scale models of various ancient castle neutralization devices plus a pair of castle walls, learning some carpentry, history, ballistics, and physics along the way. Then it's war!

  • Cost: $250
  • Ages: 10-14 (or w/permission)
  • Instructor: Markus Roberts
  • To register, call Lorri Nandrea 503-746-5669 or email [email protected]