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DIY Musical Instruments

Periscope Books & Tutoring
1920 Pacific Ave.
Forest Grove, OR 97116, US (map)



Music hides inside everything from rulers to jelly jars, and you can make it come out if you know how to whack, thwack, twang, bang, pluck, pucker & blow the notes from their hiding places. During the week we'll build & learn to play dozens of ad hoc musical instruments, put together a rousing ensemble video performance, and upload it to YouTube. We'll also learn about the physics of sound and explore the basics of music theory such as pitch, rhythm, timbre, and harmony. No musical experience required, just a consent form to appear in the video.

  • Cost: $250
  • Ages: 6-14 (or w/permission)
  • 9am-3pm Jul 14-18
  • Instructor: Markus Roberts
  • To register, call Lorri Nandrea 503-746-5669 or email [email protected]