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Epicodus job fair


This venue is no longer open for business.

208 SW 5th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97204, US (map)



Epicodus is having a job fair on Friday, May 30, from 10am-1pm, at 208 SW 5th Ave. All employers all welcome to attend; job-seekers are limited to Epicodus students.

If you aren't familiar, Epicodus is a four month, forty hour per week, in-person class on web programming. Students learn full-stack Ruby/Rails/JavaScript development, and work as interns for the last month of class.

Our last class graduated at the end of November and 100% were hired within just over 3 months. Here are a couple things employers said about them:

"The three junior developers we hired from from Epicodus have been a great addition to our team. They came prepared with the foundational knowledge and passion we look for as a growing company. We would gladly hire Epicodus grads again!" - Cory Zimmerman, Sandbox Studio

"I couldn't be happier with our two recent hires from the Epicodus program. They make an excellent addition to the team." - Carlos Rodriguez, Planet Argon

We currently have students interning at companies including Cloudability, Factor.io, Graph Alchemist, Sprig Health, The Clymb, and Uncorked Studios. Some are of course working in Ruby, but other are using Python, Node, Angular, and other tools in their internships. We aspire to train our students as developers who happen to be working with Ruby and JavaScript, rather than Ruby and JavaScript developers. We focus hard on the fundamentals, working with pure Ruby and JavaScript for a couple months before ever touching Rails.

If you haven't hired junior developers before, we'd be happy to help you develop an onboarding/training plan, and share lessons learned from other companies who have hired Epicodus grads. There are also big federal subsidies (thousands of dollars per hire) for on-the-job training of entry-level web developers that we can help you access.

RSVP with [email protected].