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lein-release hack/swarm/social

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi



per #clojure-pdx on irc.freenode.net on 5/12:

waynr: howdy folks

waynr: i might try to make the clojerks meetup on thursday

benkay: sweet!

benkay: i don't know what we're doing yet

benkay: do you want to talk about a thing waynr ?

waynr: maybe, i think i am going to try to help get lein-release into leiningen this week in the afterwork hours, not sure if there is much to say about that

waynr: maybe the thing at this meetup could be collaborating on getting lein-release into leiningen...technomancy mentioned in #clojure that this is a pretty big blocker for 2.4.0

waynr: i haven't delved too deeply into it but it seems like the existing plugin really does most of what technomancy mentions here:http://librelist.com/browser//leiningen/2014/5/1\release-task/

benkay: sounds great, waynr

benkay: would this be an active hacking session or...

waynr: yeah that sounds like a good use of the time

Leiningen is a very important component of the Clojurian toolchain, responsible for compilation, en-jar-ificaation, REPLs, running applications in production, many other things, and soon package release automation as well!

Please join us to hack on Leiningen this Thursday at Puppet Labs. Please also join us if you're dabbling in Clojure, want to engage in hifalutin' discourse about editors, or just want to hang out with other lispy programmery folk.

We also tend to go for food/drinks afterwards, where conversation ranges more broadly into war stories, philosophy and idle industry trend speculation.