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Mobile Portland — PayRange: Easy Mobile Payments for Machines

Urban Airship Inc
1417 NW Everett St, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



If you have ever tried to pay a Portland parking meter with a card, you'll appreciate this talk!

Waiting while the meter validates your card, and then contacts the bank all the while you are getting soaked in the rain and running late to a meeting – sound familiar? Almost everyone who has parked downtown has experienced this scenario.

In this month's Mobile Portland talk, Paresh Patel and Chau Doan of PayRange talk about how they are changing the way we pay any machine – meters, vending, laundry, amusement, transit ticketing, and more.

They have developed a low-cost device that can be retrofitted into virtually any machine enabling it to accept mobile payments via Bluetooth. While PayRange's system is designed to be extremely simple for the users, they abstract away the complexity behind the scenes.

Come hear them talk about the problems, challenges, and obstacles they face to make this all happen seamlessly and universally. It's sure to be an engaging talk involving the latest in mobile, payments, and Bluetooth low energy.

You won't want to miss this one, especially since they're working to keep you drier and punctual!

About Our Speakers

Paresh Patel, Phd., Founder and CEO, PayRange

Paresh Patel is an award-winning innovator who has designed and developed products that have won an unprecedented five vending industry gold innovation awards, a Connected World award, an American Beverage Association award for Best Technology Innovation, and the Oregon Development Stage Startup of the Year to name a few.

Paresh has been innovating in the machine-to-machine space since he bought his first vending machine at the age of 17. Not only was he able to put himself through school with this endeavor, he was able to turn that one machine into one of the largest vending companies in the Pacific Northwest. Paresh then moved onto developing technology to further the capabilities of vending machines when he founded VendScreen. VendScreen allows machines to accept card payments, provides consumers with nutritional information, and collects inventory data for operators.

His latest startup, PayRange, takes it a step further by fusing next generation mobile technology and the Internet of Things.

Chau Doan, Principal Architect, PayRange

Unlike Paresh, Chau Doan's claim to fame is that he doesn't have one. A grizzled veteran of 18 product efforts (some of which actually shipped), he has been the lead engineer and architect for a dozen of them. The litany of projects include fault-tolerant serial protocols, collaborative eBooks, 3D graphics, test and measurement, digital signal processing, CNC machines, fluid dispensers of the party variety, and of course, person-to-machine mobile payments. While this may sound like a recipe for heartburn at an engineer's buffet, his apparent hollow leg syndrome keeps garnering him bigger and more ambitious projects. Despite the extensiveness of his craft, when he does his best work, you'll never know he was there.