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pdxbyte users group (C/C++/Assembly)

New Relic
111 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 2700
Portland, Oregon 97204, United States (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Check in at the security desk to get access to the 27th floor. This usually isn't required for official events and meetups.



First talk at 7PM, come early to hack, or network

  • 7pm Title: Restoration of a simulator of one great machine on another.

Abstract: Gordon Bell described Seymour Cray as the greatest computer builder that he knew of as demonstrated by his designs and their successors that operated at the highest performance for over 30 years. Bell was from DEC, Cray from CDC, two routine producers of beautiful architectures. I programmed both. In this talk I will review the restoration of my work based on the patterns widely used in assembler of the time. This itself is an innovation in restoration and well suited to the modern web.

Bio: Ward Cunningham has worked for and consulted to daring startups and huge corporations. He has served as CTO, Director, Fellow, Principle Engineer and Inventor. He is best known for creating wiki. He leads an open-source project rebuilding wiki to solve more complex sharing situations addressing some of societies toughest problems. Ward founded movements in object-oriented, agile software, extreme programming and pattern languages. Ward lives in Portland, Oregon and works for New Relic, Inc.

Abstract: An overview of the Simple DirectMedia Layer and some of the things you can do with it and basic howto bits.

Bio: Jason ChampionJason Champion, Software Mad Scientist.