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Day We Fight Back against Mass Surveillance

KBOO 90.7 FM and streaming online

KBOO 90.7 FM or http://www.kboo.fm - come down and join the party 20 SE 8th Ave.



KBOO will devote the full day on February 11th to a special day of programming on the people's movement to take back the internet. A broad coalition of activist groups, companies, and online platforms will hold a worldwide day of activism in opposition to the NSA's mass spying regime on February 11th.

Dubbed "The Day We Fight Back", the day of activism was announced on the eve of the anniversary of the tragic passing of activist and technologist Aaron Swartz. The protest is both in his honor and in celebration of the victory over the Stop Online Piracy Act two years ago this month, which he helped spur.

KBOO will feature speeches by Aaron Swartz and other internet activists, as well as live interviews and updates on the day of action to pressure lawmakers to end mass surveillance -- of both Americans and the citizens of the whole world.

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