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OEN: Supercharge Your Website Webinar



Get more of your website visitors to click BUY!

In this informative and engaging webinar, you'll learn the critical techniques companies like Amazon and Google use to determine how their website layout and messaging are influencing sales, and how you can easily optimize your webpages for massive gains.

Over this one-hour crash course, will cover the basics of "conversion optimization"--including the the differences between A/B and multivariate testing, what testing software you should be using, and ways you can leverage test results across your organization for even greater returns.

Don't let another visitor slip through your funnel! Sign up today.

Speaker: Haidn Foster, SwayHub Haidn Foster is the founder and CEO of SwayHub, helping marketers convert more web visitors into leads and sales through scientific optimization. Before SwayHub, Haidn spent nearly a decade leading social and content marketing at some of Seattle's top tech startups. Haidn currently lives in Portland and serves on the marketing committee for the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network.