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Nodebots PDXNode

Urban Airship Inc
1417 NW Everett St, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



Do you love the immediate gratification of firing up a coding project and it works? How about shiny, flashing things? Combine your appreciation and join us at our upcoming NodeBots hacknight! We want to show that node is an all-purpose, fun tool by showing its potential with hardware. How? By bringing together those interested in node and hardware hacking, and giving them an open space to hack, collaborate, learn, and share their results with others. Other languages are welcome but we can't guarantee there will be help in-person. We're happy to work through problem-solving together.

This will be a less formal event than our big International Nodebots day in the Fall. We'd like to guage interest and see where this takes the group.

Some basic kits will be available on loan to try your hand. Bringing your own bits and pieces will be icing on the cake!