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You can Grow a Startup Without Investors

OTBC (Oregon Technology Business Center)
8305 Southwest Creekside Place
Beaverton, Oregon 97008, US (map)
Public WiFi



Learn how to grow a startup without investors (and why that's a good thing to do) from a startup that is successfully doing that today.

On Oct. 22 at OTBC, Ragav Satish and Micah Elliott, founders of Membean, will talk about their challenges and accomplishments in bootstrapping a startup into revenue, with no investor funding. There will be plenty of time for Q and A.

How do you start and grow a company without investor funding - and without being independently wealthy? How do you build a team when you have little or no cashflow? How do you fund development? How can you afford to grow the team with sales and marketing skills, when those additions have to be funded by revenue? Membean has done all of that, and is continuing to grow their business without investor funding.

We'll explore with the Membean founders Ragav Satish and Micah Elliott how they tackled some of these challenges. Membean provides online vocabulary instruction with an Adaptive Reinforcement Engine that helps students retain what they learn. Their current focus is middle schools and high schools. Their customers include more than 180 schools.