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Mobile Portland: When Responsive Web Design Meets the Real World

Urban Airship Inc
1417 NW Everett St, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



Why are so many responsive web designs crap?

Over 90% of responsive web sites are bloated. These sites may look good on mobile devices, but few people will ever see them because they take to long to load.

While the core tenets of responsive web design are easy to understand, doing it well is much more difficult. Slapping a few media queries on your existing site isn't enough.

The solution is mobile first responsive web design.

Mobile first and responsive web design aren't simply two great tastes that go great together. No they represent much more than that. Mobile first responsive web design is the responsible way to build responsive design. It is the best way to build something that is both responsive from a layout AND a performance perspective.

Image of Boston Globe Responsive Design

But if mobile first is the right way to do responsive design, then why are so few people doing it? In this session, we'll dig into why mobile first responsive design matters and the five techniques necessary to make it work.

If your company is exploring responsive design of even if you're already building responsive designs, you won't want to miss this talk.

About Jason Grigsby

Jason GrigsbyJason and his Cloud Four co-founder Lyza Gardner wrote Head First Mobile Web which teaches web developers how to take their web skills and transfer them to mobile. He was a signatory to the Future Friendly manifesto which addresses sensible approaches to device diversity.

Jason travel frequently giving talks and workshops helping individuals and organizations figure out how to best apply web technology to their multi-device efforts.

Jason is also the founder of Mobile Portland. He normally avoids speaking at Mobile Portland meetings for this reason, but we've twisted his arm this month.