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Data & Applications Across the Void :: Distributing Systems

Eliot Center (First Unitarian Church)
1226 SW Salmon St
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)
Public WiFi

This presentation is at OS Bridge, so sign up at http://opensourcebridge.org/ for tickets.



Today distributing applications is relatively easy, until you get to the data side of things. This is where the complexity in most applications comes into focus, where does the data go? How do I replicate or synchronize the data? How do or where do I cache data? What’s the geographic issues with data in one place and applications in another? How does the gravity of the data affect my application?

This talk will hone in on key details around implementing a true distributed system across geographically dispersed areas and how to provide the end user a solid synchronized experience while using the application. Examples will be provided with hybrid computing solutions and distributed software solutions including distributed databases, PaaS Deployment packaging and other key technologies.