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Quantified Self Show-and-Tell Meetup at the Nike+ Accelerator

Nike+ Accelerator powered by TechStars
1714 NW Overton St.
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)



Everyone who's interested in learning about, using, or creating new technologies for self-tracking is invited to join us at our Quantified Self Show-and-Tell Meetup at the Nike+ Accelerator (1714 NW Overton St) at 6 pm on Wednesday April 17.

QS Show-and-Tell Meetups feature first-person, personal experiments and experiences in self-tracking, as well as plenty of time for informal conversation and networking. Besides our QS community, we're inviting the startup founders at the Nike+/TechStars Accelerator to join the mix and share their personal stories too. Let me know if you're willing to be one of the presenters. We'll have an agenda up soon.

With two events this month -- the QS Co-Laboratory on April 9, and the QS Show-and-Tell on April 17 -- you can really top up your idea tank with exciting technology developments and interesting personal connections. See you there!

Mark Leavitt