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Business Expo West

Tektronix Bldg 38
3025 SW Zworykin Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon 97077, US (map)



Ready to go to the next level with small business? Looking for accelerated, sustainable growth?

This year promises to be AMAZING!!! We anticipate over 100 businesses on Expo with training and opportunities abound. Large corporations, small businesses, public agencies, and non-profits are coming together for amazing results. Welcome to the exciting world of business - westside style!

We're excited to welcome back Denny Doyle (Mayor, City of Beaverton), Sam Brooks (Founder, OAME), and Cheryl Myers (Director, Governor's Office). In addition, we've got several new and exciting friends of small business to welcome including Steve Morris (Director, OTBC) and Pam Treece (Director, Westside Economic Alliance).