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Joomla! PDX

McMenamins Backstage Bar, Kimball Room
3702 SE Hawthorne
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

The McMenamins Backstage Bar is located in the same building as the Bagdad Theater, on SE 37th and Clay. The Kimball room is at the top of the stairs. Unfortunately, there is no elevator, so please be prepared to climb 2 flights of stairs.

37th & Clay, just 1 block south of Hawthorne, inside the Backstage Bar, at the very top of the stairs.




We know... You're thinking "OMG, a Joomla Open House!!!!! ... Errrr, wait a minute, what is a Joomla Open House, exactly?"

Great question. In short, it's a gathering of (1) Joomla fanatics, (2) Joomla newbies, (3) Joomla-curious, and (4) others who maybe aren't totally "in love" with Joomla, but who might not mind fooling around a little bit with Joomla if there's beer involved, if you know what we mean. (Okay, actually, we don't even know what we mean by that one.)

What we were thinking was: If you've got a web site and are having some technical difficulties, then come to our open house, bring (1) any Joomla, web development, technical, or philosophical questions you like, no matter how easy or tough they are, (2) your laptops if you want to do some work right then and there (or, we may also project your site up onto the wall and work on it in front of others, if that's cool with you), and (3) your admin usernames/passwords, of course, if you want us to be able to look at your Joomla issues. And, if you have a "service dog," bring him or her along, too -- because, remember, here in Portland, no one ever asks you to verify whether your pooch is or isn't working. Anyway, your humble Joomla in-house experts will then roll up our sleeves and do the best we can to either fix your issue or at least point you in the right direction.

Types of tech difficulties: Actually, we're fairly open-minded here... Bring us any web-development challenge you're having and we're happy to talk about it -- even it it's not 100% Joomla-related. For example, maybe you're having trouble using CSS, or you're facing a user experience challenge, or you don't understand how MySQL works, or you need a little bit of PHP wizardry. Bring it on. We're not saying we'll actually solve your issue right then and there, but we're certain that we're geeky enough to probably give you way too many vague answers and contradictory directions. (On second thought, maybe don't come. ... No, we're kidding; DO come, okay?)

Please join us!

-= The Skinny =-

WHAT? Joomla! Open! House! WHEN? March 14th, 2013 -- 5:45 p.m. to 8-ish / maybe 8:30 / or, like, whenever. WHERE? At Backstage (3702 SE Hawthorne -- just behind the Bagdad Theater in SE PDX). HOW? Oh, you mean how much? It's FREE!! WHY? Because Joomla rocks and all other CMSs are laughably inferior.