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Robust-first computing: Beyond correctness and efficiency Colloquium

Portland State University FAB, Room 86-09
1900 SW Fourth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201, US (map)

Access Notes

Building is at 4th and College. Room 86-01 is in the basement, take the elevator or stairs down to basement and follow the signs.



Dave Ackley, Computer Science Department, University of New Mexico

Efficiency and robustness are mortal enemies, inherently opposed on the value of redundancy, which robustness requires but efficiency eliminates. This talk argues that, by emphasizing efficiency alone, computer science is often optimizing the wrong thing, and we could do better, and should, by recognizing and managing the tradeoff explicitly. An illustration of efficiency's costs is presented, along with discussion of possible computing mechanisms when robustness is emphasized even over correctness.

David H. Ackley is an associate professor of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico, with degrees from Tufts and Carnegie Mellon. Over twenty-five years his research contributions have involved neural networks and machine learning, evolutionary algorithms and artificial life, and biological approaches to computer security and computer architecture.