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CITCON: Continuous Integration Testing Conference

Collective Agency Downtown
511 SW 10th Ave, Suite 1108
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

We're on the 11th floor, come on up. Non-members park bikes outside the building. Paid car parking is connected to the building, and a SmartPark is two blocks away near Target. Located on SW 10th and Washington, between Target and Powell's, on the big block of food carts. We're on the Streetcar line, a block from the Red and Blue MAX lines, and a 5-minute walk from the Green, Yellow, Orange lines.



IMPORTANT: Space is limited to 150 participants, so please register to reserve a spot. The event is free, but a donation is suggested.

CITCON, the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference, is a world-wide series of free Open Spaces events for developer-testers, tester-developers and anyone else with an interest in Continuous Integration and the type of Testing that goes along with it.

CITCON provides a forum to connect with other people on topics you care about, to learn from their experience and share your own. Past topics include:

  • What is Continuous Integration?
  • What CI Tools can learn from the Rubber Chicken
  • What Is The One True Language For Writing Tests?
  • The Future of Build Languages
  • BDD is not TDD
  • How Far is End-to-End?
  • Fit for Fun and Profit
  • Overcoming Barriers to Adoption