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Vibrant Data PDX Hackathon

Thetus Corporation
34 NW 1st Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209, United States (map)



Imagine a world in which data becomes a personal asset that works on behalf of our personal interests and communities. Everyday, apps like yours could control how to send their data out into the world to circulate and bring back value to users. Certainly this would require a change in the way the world views data today, and in the infrastructure that enables it to flow freely while protected. This event is a first step in building that infrastructure for the benefit of all.

Consider the prospect of Facebook, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn and other data silos bidding against each other for what data you might provide. What kinds of data might be the most interesting? How could that value be enhanced? How could you collect it with minimal effort? How would your privacy be protected? What could you get in return?

At this event you’ll pick a particular type of personal data and build an app to show how its value as a personal asset can be enhanced. The app can be mobile, desktop, web or something else.

About Vibrant Data

Inspired by the Arab Spring popular uprisings’ use of Facebook and Twitter, The Vibrant Data Project is trying to understand the development landscape that is giving rise to the Gutenburg press of our era: disruptive communication and commerce vehicles that have the potential to overthrow corrupt regimes, spread new ideas, broaden economic opportunity, improve health and well being and aid in the fight for social justice and human rights.