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Code 'n' Splode: Techy Sexagenarians

522 SW 5th Ave, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Entrance is on 5th Ave near Alder St. next to Spella Coffee; sign over entrance says "Yeon Building." Building entrance and elevators locked after 6 pm, employee must provide access.



Topic: Techy Sexagenarians; Speaker: Jen Davidson

What are you going to do when you retire? Contribute to open source software, right? Do all those side-projects you never get around to doing while working? The first generation of programmers are retiring right now, and I plan to examine their experience contributing to open source software. Most open source communities are notoriously homogeneous, dominated by 20-30something white males. Through my research, I hope to provide open source communities with a proposal for involving older adults. During the talk, I'll go over my research goals, how I plan meet those goals, and discuss some of the human-computer interaction research methods that I'm using. If you want to know more about life as a computer science/human-computer interaction PhD student, we can talk about that too.

**Note: Code-n-Splode (CnS) is a women-focused group. All self-identified women and genderqueer persons are invited to attend and participate, and men are welcome as the guest of a female participant.

Please, no fragrances (perfumes, scented lotions, etc.), to make our meetings welcoming to those with chemical sensitivities.

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