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OEN Webinar: Life in an Incubator Series: Hively



According to Business Incubation Works, "Business incubators reduce the risk of small business failures. Historically,

NBIA* member incubators have reported that 87 percent of all firms that have graduated from their incubators are still in business." In this webinar series, OEN will explore the ups and downs of starting a company in an incubator.

What really happens within start up incubators? Do they help companies become successful or at least get over certain challenges? What type of companies and people find the incubator experience to be a positive? Are there downfalls to going through the experience? These are just a few of the questions you can ask Jason Lander who has started his successful company in an incubator.

Want to submit your questions ahead of time? Email them to Larry Williams at [email protected] for the next session.

*National Business Incubation Association

Speaker Bios: Jason Lander

Jason Lander is the Founder and CEO of Hively. This is the second tech start up company he has founded here in Portland, Oregon. Through these companies Jason has learned a lot about the challenges of running a successful start up including the pros and cons of raising capital, boot strapping, building strategic over tactical features and going through a start up incubator.