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iBooks 2.0: Reinventing Textbooks? — Mobile Portland

334 NW 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

Access Notes

Front door on 11th; venues may have access through large garage door on Flanders



Please RSVP at http://mobileportland.com/events/ibooks-20-reinventing-textbooks

When Apple announced iBooks 2.0, it made a bold claim that it was reinventing the textbook. Who better to judge whether or not Apple has succeeded at its goal than Mobile Portland alum and Textbook 3.0 advocate Corey Pressman.

In August 2010, Corey participated in a panel talking about using mobile technology in education. Corey talked about his efforts to convince textbook publishers to start to see the iPhone and the iPad as the foundation for an entirely new form of textbooks. He talked about both the learning theory behind why a digital textbook would be more successful as well as what would make them fun for students.

And he did it all as one of our more compelling and funny speakers. So it makes sense to bring him back to talk about what iBooks 2.0, iBooks Author, and iTunes U means for students, teachers, and textbook publishers.

Like nearly every Apple announcement, the iBooks Author announcement wasn’t without controversy—license restrictions and modification of the ePub format into a proprietary iBooks file format are at the top of the list. After Corey talks about textbooks, a small panel of expert publishers and educators will join Corey to talk about the implications of iBooks Author and the overall initiative on education and publishing in general.

About the Panelists

Corey Pressmen, Founder, Exprima Media

Corey taught Anthropology for 12 years before deciding to enter the software universe. As a professional educator, Corey was always interested in, yet disappointed with, the educational technology that textbook publisher sales reps were peddling. Convinced that more could be done to create effective computer-based educational experiences, Corey started Exprima Media, a software company dedicated to creating robust and engaging educational experiences for the web and native mobile platforms. Exprima is currently working with Pearson Education, W.W. Norton, John Wiley & Sons, and McGraw Hill to build the future of educational media.

Steve Burt, Manager, Content & Research, Clarity Innovations

Steve Burt leads a team that works with Intel Education to create solutions that blend research-based instructional practices with emerging technologies. Prior to his work at Clarity, Steve was a high school administrator, after a few years of teaching History and English.

Tim Lauer, Principal, Lewis Elementary School

Tim Lauer routinely works with school administrators and teachers to plan practical, supportable uses of technology in teaching and learning. Having been a teacher for many years, he understands the real world of the classroom and the challenges to move forward technologically within tight budgets.

Thor Prichard, CEO, Clarity Innovations — Moderator

Thor Prichard is President & CEO of Clarity Innovations, a professional services firm that specializes in helping corporations and learning organizations improve the practice and process of teaching and learning with technology. Recent clients include Intel Education, Math Learning Center, Bellingham Schools, ScholarCentric, and Learning.com.

Thor’s focus is on finding promising technologies that match the needs of the education industry 3-5 years from now. Over the last two decades, he’s worn many hats on both sides of the equation, including as executive director of a regional consortium in charge of software licensing for schools. Thor holds a BA in cognitive psychology from Reed College in Oregon.