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Own Collective Agency: a weekly civics meeting

Collective Agency Downtown
511 SW 10th Ave, Suite 1108
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)

Access Notes

We're on the 11th floor, come on up. Non-members park bikes outside the building. Paid car parking is connected to the building, and a SmartPark is two blocks away near Target. Located on SW 10th and Washington, between Target and Powell's, on the big block of food carts. We're on the Streetcar line, a block from the Red and Blue MAX lines, and a 5-minute walk from the Green, Yellow, Orange lines.



This is kind of a weekly Agile meeting: what's happened, what are we working on, what's blocking us from moving forward that we'd like support or advice on? It focuses on "Collective Agency" overall, and also on people here working on their own thing.

"Collective Agency" is a cooperative group in the form of an unincorporated association, and is the name of a place.

There is a Constitution, members have voting rights, people self-organize here, there is a Coordinating Council, with the main Community Organizer term-limited, and there are community workgroups that create educational events free of charge and open to the public.

Meeting new people and being around people doing a variety of work is why 95% of people are here.

Come to the new weekly civics meeting: the second ever is January 11th. It's called "Own Collective Agency" because that's what the goal is. Responsibilities you can have, ways you can be here, actions you can do, long-term planning, things you can know (want to know the budget, not just numbers but the context of what they mean? we want to share that with you). By learning and doing, you'll support what happens here overall.

Coordinating Council members Alex, Fitz, and Emanuel will be there.

What is ownership? Fitz says about what we have here: "To do these things requires ownership." Alex says that the good meaning of ownership is "responsibility." Ownership by who? For what? What does it mean to own the equivalent of a very small city, which is a workplace? What might you want to assist with, to give advice on, to do, to own?

As we have grown from tens of people to hundreds of people, how does the structure grow to support that?

What's the catch? It's that you can own part of this: you can be responsible for this place and group-of-groups staying and growing.

main organizer: Alex Linsker (503) 517-6900, Twitter: @alexlinsker or [email protected]