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Smallest Federated Wiki Worksession with Ward Cunningham

PIE: Portland Incubator Experiment
1227 NW Davis Street
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi



Interested in working with Ward Cunningham on his new wiki project? You can on Thursday, October 13th, 2011 at the Portland Incubator Experiment. Wiki-founder Ward Cunningham shared his idea of a Smallest Federated Wiki SFW during IndieWebCamp this June. In a few short weeks, he brought his idea to life and is inviting others to work with him on it. This is the second worksession for people interested in contributing to the project.

What is SFW?

The Smallest Federated Wiki project wants to be small in the “easy to learn powerful ideas” version of small. It wants to be a wiki so that strangers can meet and create works of value together. And it wants to be federated so that the burden of maintaining long-lasting content is shared among those who care.

As Ward says,

Our new wiki innovates three ways:

It shares through federation, composes by refactoring and wraps data with visualization. Resources

If you’re not yet familiar with Ward’s new wiki, check out the following resources

http://wardcunningham.github.com/ — Video Demos (very popular) http://videos.mozilla.org/serv/air_mozilla/10052011_brownbag.ogg — Ward explaining SFW to Mozilla https://github.com/WardCunningham/Smallest-Federated-Wiki — Source Code https://github.com/WardCunningham/Smallest-Federated-Wiki/wiki — Project Roadmap