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OEN Webinar: How to Validate Your Market



Are you thinking of starting a new company? Or already have, but sales aren't what you think they should be? Are you questioning your market's "readiness" for your products or services? Your company?

If you are concerned about market acceptance - and want to learn how to quickly ‘identify’ how well the market will receive your product, don't miss this webinar.

Mark Paul, Managing Director at Synergy Consulting Group and the author of The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide, will walk you through two (of the six) methods to help you determine if there is a market for your product or business - before you invest time and money developing products that may never be what the market wants.

Speaker: Mark Paul Mark Paul has extensive executive leadership experience. He has led start-ups through public companies in his 22 years in interim executive and consulting work. Before Synergy, he spent 10 years at Northrop Corporation (Global 500 company), where (as an intrapreneur) he built a 250-person business unit in two years. He has a degree in Physics, a patent, and published several editions of two business books: The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide, and How to Attract Significantly More Customers.