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Code 'n' Splode Monthly Meeting: Interactive Fiction

Shopigniter Office
411 NW Park Ave, Suite 303
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi



Topic: Interactive Fiction

Description: Audrey will give an overview of Interactive Fiction (IF), including:

  • The history of text games / interactive fiction in general (i.e., in the beginning, there was Adventure...)
  • Tools for making IF, mostly focusing on Inform (with coding demo).
  • Open source practices within IF, and how the history of this tech plus the commercial game markets moving on to graphical works has encouraged open source & open (sharing) culture.
  • Short demos of some modern games.

**Note: Code-n-Splode (CnS) is a women-focused group. Men are welcome in CnS when accompanied by a self-identified female member of the group.

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