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Portland Linux/Unix Group: What is Open?

Portland State University FAB, Room 86-09
1900 SW Fourth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201, US (map)

Access Notes

Building is at 4th and College. Room 86-01 is in the basement, take the elevator or stairs down to basement and follow the signs.



                            What is Open?
                             David Mandel

 David Mandel is interested in distilling the core ideas 
 from the philosophy of Open Source Software and extending
 these into other areas like music, publishing, farming, 
 and education.  In the past he has given presentations
 on Open Source Agriculture.

 In this presentation, David wants to discuss Open Source
 in education.  This is not a presentation about using 
 Open Source Software in traditional classrooms as much
 as it is a discussion about using Open Source Philosophy
 to change traditional classrooms.  We will discuss the 
 work of John Gatto author of "Dumbing Us Down", the Moore 
 Method of teaching mathematics, and David Mandel's personal 
 experience teaching mathematics and computer classes in 
 community colleges.