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New Horizons in TDD - Agile PDX

Puppet Labs on NW Park (old office)

This venue is no longer open for business.

411 NW Park Ave., Suite 500
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Front door, elevator and stairway may be locked. Please look for a sign on the door with a phone number to call in case you need to be let into the building.



Join us March 16th at 6:30 pm as AgilePDX explores New Horizons in TDD. Two local experts, Mark Knell and Marty Nelson will preview their proposed talks for Agile 2011. They will discuss applying TDD at new scales: in the micro, with assertions driving the composition of tests, and in the macro, with confirmational aspects of features driving the communication of vision and intent

Mark's Talk:

Most tests follow an arrange/act/assert pattern that dates back to the earliest days of xUnit. A bowling test might set up a new frame, roll a ball, and expect that if no pins are left standing, the score will be a strike. But this test also passes if there were never any pins set up in the first place. Difference-Asserting Fluent Tests use a DSL to close this and several other loopholes in NUnit and MSTest assertions, while letting you keep those tools in place. You've heard of syntactic sugar? This is syntactic caulk. And more.

Mark Knell is a developer and Agile coach working in Portland. He has a master's degree from Harvard University Extension.

Marty's talk:

We all hope that our software will satisfy the goals and desires of our users and customers. Yet most development starts by focusing on features as a mechanism to achieve an outcome, rather than creating something demonstrable that will confirm that the vision and intent has been achieved. What if these confirmational and functional aspects were really two sides of the same feature that could be exploited to develop features in a test-driven manner? Feature TDD is a technique that does just that: create confirmational aspects that clearly establish desired outcomes and then use those to test-drive the functional mechanism that is the focus of traditional software development.

Marty Nelson is the Head of Architecture at Accelrys, Inc., an ISV offering Enterprise Lab Management solutions that serve a rapidly changing pharmaceutical and scientific R&D industry. Marty has been practicing agile development since 2003 and has taken a keen interested in the last couple of years in the architectural and organizational application of agile values and principals.

This event is free and is at our new location, Puppet Labs. It begins at 6:30 pm with pizza, sponsored by PNSQC (Many thanks to both Puppet Labs and PNSQC for supporting agile in Portland).

The program starts at 7:00 pm.

After the program you're invited to join us for a no-host gathering at a nearby brewpub for further discussion.