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Portland Java User Group: Semantic Datastores - the *Other* NoSQL

Oracle (Downtown Campus)
1211 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 800, Room 8005
Portland, Oregon 97204, US (map)



This month's topic: Semantic Datastores - the Other NoSQL

The NoSQL movement has given developers many more data storage options, each with their own design considerations and trade-offs. One of the quieter options, semantic data stores (also called triple stores or quad stores), provide an interesting hybrid of key-value and graph database features, while offering a data model based on a W3C recommendation (RDF) and a standardized query language (SPARQL) that will feel familiar to anyone experienced with unfashionable SQL.

This talk will cover the basics of data modeling with RDF and how to use the open source Jena Semantic Web Framework to add a semantic datastore to a Java-based Web application.

Speaker: Brian Panulla (@bpanulla)

Brian is an independent software consultant based in Portland, Oregon. His current projects include interactive data reporting tools the services for clients in the higher education, automotive sales, and legal sectors.

PJUG meetings start with some time to eat and socialize (pizza and beverages are provided), followed by the featured speaker, then Q&A, discussion, sometimes a drawing to give away swag. :)

Though we like knowing how many people to expect, you don't have to RSVP, on Upcoming or otherwise. Go ahead and just show up!

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