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Portland Ten Fieldtrip: Website Workshop

CLIMB Center for Advancement
1626 Se Water Ave
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)



Are you thinking about doing SOMETHING with your website this summer…but don’t know what? The Website Tuneup Workshop on July 17th could be just what your business needs.

Here is a chance to get a personalized audit of your site’s inner workings. And some tips on how to make your site reach out and grab visitors, even locally. So if your web designer told you that SEO would be an extra cost, we can help you do some basics yourself. Or if you just want some unbiased feedback from experts, sign up and we’ll be glad to advise you.

The new team is really excited about this workshop. Mandi Ellefson is a web developer and owner of Cocoon Web Design—she has a great way of explaining the technical jargon and is really good at building sites from the ground up. Anna Campbell is a digital photographer and web designer, who understands how to make pictures jump for joy—and she really does know all those hex codes for colors that play well together. Just in case you want to change sky blue to frog green everywhere on your site.

For $99 you will learn about web and SEO basics. You get to ask questions, and get honest answers that benefit your business. And you will walk away with a new strategy to make your site the best marketing tool your business has. This could be your business’s best summer yet!! Website Tuneup Workshop # 32548 July 17th 9:00 – 1:00 Room 307 Climb Center – 1626 Water Street, Portland Oregon Sign up through the PCC registration help line at 503 977 8888 Or BEST WAY: contact: Jo-el at 971 570 8477 phone email: [email protected] Laptops are encouraged. You will need your student ID G-number from PCC to login at the classroom, so register early (by July 9th). Ticket Info: 99 45.5111540000 -122.6658570000