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PADNUG June Meeting

Microsoft Portland
10260 S.W. Greenburg Road Suite #600
Portland , OR 97223, US (map)



Andrew Hay: Making a Mockery of .NET

Andrew Hay is a developer, speaker, author, dad, husband and Chief Belly Scratcher of the family dog. He started over 15 years ago by supporting mainframe assembly language programs which exceeded his own age. A few years after this initial shock treatment, he hooked his wagon to something called Active Server Pages and has been riding the gravy train on the Microsoft platform ever since. Andrew has been an active member of PADNUG since moving from Chicago to Portland in 2002 and he currently works as a developer at Vertigo Software, Inc.

Making a Mockery of .NET In a return to showing some good ol' code in Visual Studio, Andrew will present a blend of unit testing topics. First, a quick level-set with a sampling of seasoned and fresh unit test frameworks. Next, the discussion will advance to mock object frameworks, and then round out the evening with parameterized unit test frameworks. You'll examine tools like NUnit, Rhino Mocks, MOQ, Typemock Isolator, as well as some Visual Studio 2010 tools including Pex and Moles, two clever incubation projects from Microsoft Research.

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