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Smash Putt

1719 W Burnside St.
1719 W Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



The industrial artists of The Department of Culture re-apply and reinvent their practiced predilection for mechanized mayhem to the humble sport of miniature golf. Forget everything you expect and be prepared for innovative chaos. This time, the rehabilitation of miniature golf hits Portland with a whole new set of holes, wonders, mysteries, and exotic liquors.

Compete with your chums during 21+ evenings.

Ball destruction, Centripetal Actuators, Accelerator Pads, Ball Bouncers, Moving Walls, Roller-Skating Logs, and Secret passages. No golf ball survives the assault of Smash Putt! A new course of deviousness and dastardly delights from the hands of an all-star assembly of artists sprung from asylums across America. Each and every hole is dripping with excitement!

21+ fun gets your balls smashed and your holes trashed late into the night.

Seriously malicious competition is par for the course.