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TechAmerica IP Workshop: The Patent System – An In-depth Primer

Oregon Zoo
4001 SW Canyon Rd.
Portland, OR 97221-9704, US (map)



TechAmerica's Technology and IP Committee presents a workshop on patent basics.

This 4-hour workshop will describe, in depth, the entire patent system, from its reason for existence to how to create strong patents as valuable corporate assets.

During the first hour of the workshop you will learn: - Why the US has an intellectual property system - How patents relate to other forms of intellectual property - How patents are used both offensively and defensively

In addition, three small-group sessions will provide access, in a non-threatening, teaching environment, to industry veterans who will answer questions specific to your industry or business.

SMALL GROUP BREAK-OUT SESSIONS: Steps to take before filing a patent application (led by Matthew Rabdau, Tektronix and Thaine Allison, MTI, Inc.) - When and how to document inventions - How to decide whether a patent application should be filed - How to work with inside or outside patent counsel

How to draft a patent application (led by Jim Stewart, Ater Wynne LLP and Rick Boyd, Ater Wynne LLP) - How to develop an application that will ultimately issue as a patent - Why are claims so hard to read (and how to read them)

How to successfully navigate an application through the Patent Office (led by Kevin Ross, Marger Johnson & McCollom PC and Joe Makuch, Marger Johnson & McCollom PC) - How examiners use "Prior Art" - How to best respond to Patent Office rejections - How to prosecute a patent that will withstand an invalidity attack

Finally, participants will take home a packet of valuable materials specific to developing an in-house patent system.

Who shoud attend: - Engineers new to the patent system - Engineering managers - Managers having IP responsibility - VCs who seek in-depth knowledge about the patent system - Small business owners and entrepreneurs

Thank you Marger Johnson & McCollom PC for sponsoring this event.