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Rose City SPIN: Effective Job Seeking

World Trade Center
121 SW Salmon
Portland, Oregon 97204, US (map)



Rose City Software Process Improvement Network seminar in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (www.pnsqc.org):

  Effective Job Seeking — How To Cope, Prepare, and Move Forward If You Find Yourself Unemployed
  Presented by Michael Hoffman

  Networking @ 6:00 PM; Seminar 6:30-7:30 PM; This event is free and open to the public.

  The unexpected happened to me on November 17, 2008… I was laid off. I was 20 years out of college, a seasoned software industry engineer, and leader, and was suddenly thrown into the pool of “Unemployed Hi-Tech Professionals” that numbered in the tens of thousands in the Portland area. A few months later, I was employed again, the results of a job search that involved techniques and technologies relevant to seeking employment given today’s hiring practices.

  This presentation/discussion will focus on:
  •Company hiring attitudes/practices
  •Key technologies and techniques for job searching
  •Considerations when working through recruiting companies
  •Right and wrong ways to apply
  •Effective approaches to getting that first interview
  •Making yourself stand out
  •Preparing ahead of time for when it happens to you

  Speaker Bio:
  Michael Hoffman is a 20-year veteran of the software industry. He has filled a variety of development and quality engineering, strategist, and leadership roles at companies such as Jeppesen Sanderson, Hewlett-Packard Company, Insight Distribution Software, Sharp, and GTE Government Systems. Mr. Hoffman’s experience spans the realms of communications systems, factory control/integration, embedded systems, PC applications, and web-base solutions. Additionally, he teaches various software engineering courses for Oregon Institute of Technology.

  Mr. Hoffman recently found himself involuntarily seeking employment at a time when many companies were downsizing and few were hiring. As a result, he developed strategies and techniques that proved effective in today’s job market for identifying opportunities, applying voluntarily for positions, interviewing, and following-up. Mr. Hoffman continues to mentor unemployed colleagues, sharing advice and best practices based on his experiences.

  Rose City SPIN:
  The Rose City Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN) is a monthly forum for networking, mutual support, and promotion of effective software practices. We exchange practical experiences, ideas, knowledge, wisdom, and war stories about the technical, business, and human facets of software process improvement.  The Rose City SPIN serves the software development community of the Portland/Vancouver metro area.  Whether you work for a large company or a small one, corporate or self-employed, industrial or academic setting, you are welcome at the Rose City SPIN