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Beer and Agile: XPDX September meeting

Amnesia Brewing
832 N. Beech St
Portland , Oregon 97227, US (map)



We're going to talk about some of the best new stuff to come out at the Agile 2009 conference in Chicago. Oh, and drink beer, which is why we're setting the meeting at a brewpub.

Depending on the interests of those who show, those of us who went may reprise parts of the talks we gave that worked, sections of other peoples' sessions in which we learned something cool, or quick info-dumps about new thoughts expressed in hallway conversations. Certainly, we'll spur conversations - this won't be a 90-minute talking head. Topcis could include testing (end-to-end and otherwise), real options (and feature pricing), kanban planning, metrics, or really just about anything.