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SHIFT: A Green Salon

Pop Art Community Room
718 Sw Alder St
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)



SHIFT: A Green Salon sharing and inspiring sustainable design

Calling all designers: Obsessed with finding an earth-friendly Super 77? Geek out on just how much you can fit on a press sheet? Recommend Celery Design’s “Green Graphic Design” to everyone you meet? Stoked you made that direct mail piece all digital AND got a better response rate? Believe our ultimate client is the Earth?

We want YOU to share your green ideas/solutions/materials with other hungry designers and creatives that are making communication better and more sustainable.

Submit your 5-minute presentation idea by 9/21 and we’ll select 10 of the most inspiring and interesting ones. Each designer/team will present on November 5th. The night concludes with questions and mingling.

TO APPLY: Email your presentation idea by 9/21 to Lisa Holmes, AIGA Portland Sustainability Chair, at [email protected] and include:

  • who you are
  • where you work and what you do
  • your presentation idea
  • your contact info
  • optional: send up to 3 images in a PDF

Obligatory side notes: This is not an opportunity to solicit your company’s version of the Snuggie, or anything else that isn’t relevant to sustainable design. By applying, AIGA Portland is allowed to record and post your presentation on their site and other materials.

MISSION of the AIGA PORTLAND SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE AIGA Portland’s Sustainability committee provides on and offline environments for designers and thought leaders to discuss sustainability, green practices, the future role of visual communications, and beyond.

Ticket Info: FREE Members/$5 Non-Member