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Social Media 2

Oregon Stamp Society
4828 Ne 33rd Ave
Portland, OR 97211, US (map)



In this four hour class we will cover how you can use your blog to market your business as well as connect it to your social media network. We will also discuss how to use podcasts and videocasts to help you market your business and create testimonials. You will learn the following:

      * How to use feedburner to create an rss feed for your website.
      * How to integrate your blog into your social media network via automation.
      * The power of blog directories and article directories.
      * How blogs can be used to market your business.
      * How to create your own radio show, or get interviewed on one and how you can use either to market yourself.
      * Why a videocast can help you reach your target audience.
      * How video testimonials can help you grow your business.

  Location: Oregon Stamp Society 4828 NE 33rd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97211

  Time: 12:30pm to 4:45 (with a 15 minute break) Friday August 21st

  Cost: $200 ($125 for graduates of the Self-Employed Agency)

  Package Deal: If you take Social Media 1 and 2, you can take both classes for $350

  rsvp at http://www.selfemployedacademy.com/?page_id=19