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West Side PDX Job Search Group

Beaverton Resource Center
12500 SW Allen Blvd
Beaverton, OR 97005, US (map)



Theme: Eliminating Stress in the New Millenium

1) Eliminating Stress in the New Millenium Continuing education series: "Coping” with stress just isn’t enough during these chaotic times. While learning to negotiate so many changes in your professional and personal lives you’re realizing that the time has come to live life, be in the workplace and do business in new ways.

Linda Russek at Harvard, has demonstrated that all physical systems exchange influential energy. And because this energy is influential, it contains information that creates an effect. We are all connected and effected by others.

Learn how you are energetically effecting others and learn a quick and easy way to eliminate stress throughout your day: mulch, recharge and stay charged.

2) Networking time

This is an open event for Portland job hunters. Each meeting provides practical tools and a forum for networking to make your job search more effective. We share our techniques and ways to improve our job hunting success. Each week has a theme and time for networking.