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Why do I need Social Networking for my Business? Yes, you can do it less than one hour a week.

Page 10 Accounting
607 Main Street Suite 240
Oregon City, or 97045, US (map)



Social networking is a hot topic in businesses today. Many of us are not sure how it helps grow our business or acquire new clients or where we will have the time to add one more thing to our hectic lives. However, one thing is for sure, if we don’t come and find out, we will never have answers to these questions.

In this program, Taylor Ellwood will explain what social networking is, why it’s important to be on these sites, and how it can benefit you and your business. Hew will explain how to automate your social networking presence so you only need to spend one hour a week and still have time to run your business and live your life. In this class you will learn:

* What Linkedin, Facebook, Biznik, Twitter are and why it’s important to be on these sites or some of them.
* How to get clients and business from these sites.
* How to automate your online presence so are spending minimum time and effort, yet getting maximum returns.
* What a status bar is and why it’s a good idea to update it regularly.
* How these sites can be used to obtain recommendations and testimonials from your clients.
* The do’s and don’ts of Social networking and how to maintain a professional profile on each site.

Taylor will not only explain, but also demonstrate the benefits of social networks, and show you how you can attract more clients to your business.

Date: Thursday, July 23rd 2009

Time: 11:30pm to 2pm

Price: $35.00 per person, Lunch included

Location: 607 Main Street Suite 240, Oregon City, 97045

To register please RSVP with Diane Dahlins at [email protected]. Check and credit cards only please, when rsvping.