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IDSA 3BY10 - Portland's Creative Community in 30 Minutes

Someday Lounge
125 NW 5th
Portland, Oregon 97209 (map)
Public WiFi



3BY10 is a monthly presentation and networking event, in which three creative professionals or students from the Portland area get ten minutes each to present a recent project, discuss a trend, or just talk about the local design scene. Talks include time for questions and discussion and socializing afterwards. Admission is always free.

This month’s 3BY10 will be held on Wendesday, June 24, featuring a somewhat altered (and improved, we hope) format from past months. We're moving the entire event to the Someday Lounge - 125 NW 5th Ave, allowing us access to their beautiful space, stage, and projection facilities, as well as their generous happy hour, which runs until 8pm. Our hope is that this will attract a few more folks who don't like "talks" as much as more casual events, while still offering a fantastic speaking venue. The schedule will also include a short intermission, and Q&A after each speaker, rather than clustered at the end. Come join us and see how it works out!

6:00p - First two presenters + Q&A 6:30p - Intermission 6:40p - Third presenter + Q&A 7:00p - Social hour

This month’s presenters:

Bill DeRouchey - Interaction Designer, ZIBA Freddy Weigle - Industrial Design Graduate, Art Institute of Portland Carl Alviani - Industrial Designer and Editorial Director of Coroflot.com