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OTBC: Startup Cofounder SpeedDating

OTBC [Old location, do not use!]

This venue is no longer open for business.

12725 Sw Millikan Way, Suite 101
Beaverton, OR 97005, US (map)



Back by popular demand! Do you have an idea for a startup and you're looking for founders who can get as excited about your idea as you are?

Or -- are you looking for an early stage startup to join - even if the compensation up front is sweat equity instead of salary?

Then SpeedDating for Startups is for you.

Post your Idea If you have an idea for a startup and are looking for cofounders post some information about what it is (even if you need to be vague) so people looking for a startup can find you. To post your idea on the OTBC wiki, go to otbc.org/blog. (If you don't want to reveal anything about the idea online, at least consider talking about what skill sets you'd like to add to the team so readers will know whether or not there might be a fit.)

Post your Skill Set Are you looking for a startup to join? You can post your skill set on the OTBC wiki (so startups can find you) at otbc.org/blog.

What: Speed dating for startups When: Saturday, June 27, 1pm to 3pm Where: OTBC Cost: Free ($3 suggested donation to help cover costs) We'll provide beverages and munchies