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science lecture at PSU

Portland State University Hoffmann Hall
1833 SW 11th Ave
Portland, Oregon, United States (map)



Event: 4th Annual Mark Gurevitch Memorial Lecture

  May 8, 2009 Starts: 5:00pm

  Background on Sidney Altman:
  Sidney Altman earned his PhD in biophysics. He chaired the biology dept at Yale, and received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1989. This 
  is the second Nobel Laureate in two years for this four year-old lecture series, which is organized by the physics department.

  Background on Mark Gurevitch:
  Mark Gurevitch was the founding chair of the physics department: http://www.physics.pdx.edu/gen_gurevitch_lecture.htm

  When: Friday, May 8th, 2009
  Where: Hoffman Hall
  Time: 5:00 pm
  Cost: Free