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How to use Linkedin and Biznik to promote your business and automate your time on them

1562 Se Tacoma St
Portland, 0r 97202, US (map)



How to use Linkedin and Biznik to promote your business

When: Tuesday April 21st 2009 6-8:30pm

Where: 1562 Se Tacoma St. Portland or 97206

Cost: $75.00

RSVP: [email protected] or 503-869-0163

Linkedin and Biznik are two of the more popular social networking sites available to professionals and entrepreneurs, but often I hear that people aren’t sure how to use these sites or how they will get you clients. I was once even told that someone thought that Linkedin was just another job hunting site. In this class, I clear up the confusion about these sites and show you how to automate them.

You will learn:

* How to set up a profile on Linkedin and Biznik
* How to use the Status update on Linkedin
* How to use the Question and Answer forum on Linkedin
* How to use Biztalk on Biznik
* What the groups feature is and how to use it on Linkedin and Biznik
* Why the recommendation/compliment can be helpful for growing your business.
* Why writing an article/putting on an event can be useful for raising your visibility.
* The protocol for inviting people into your network