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Lunch 2.0: Back to the 'Burbs at TechShop Portland

TechShop Portland [closed]

This venue is no longer open for business.

10100 SW Allen Blvd
Beaverton, Oregon 97005, United States (map)



Update: TechShop had to change the date to April 22, 2009.

  For the lucky 13th edition of Portland Lunch 2.0, we're heading back to the 'burbs to TechShop Portland in Beaverton.

  During January's Lunch 2.0 at the OTBC, Denney Cole and Wm Leler took some folks over to check out the new TechShop, and on April 22 (was March 25), Denney's opening the doors to show everyone all the cool stuff he has in there.

  What is TechShop? Why, it's "a membership-based DIY workshop that gives you access to a huge variety of tools and equipment, tons of friendly and easy classes, and a community of amazing people who share your interest in making things."

  Sounds like fun. Pack your safety goggles for this one, just in case you get the urge to weld something.

  No word yet on whether Todd will organize another party train. Stay tuned.

  Lunch 2.0 is a Valley phenomenon that you can read about at lunch20.com , and we're putting a PDX stamp on it.

  You can follow all things Portland Lunch 2.0 an the Silicon Florist .

  Are you vegan or vegetarian? Please leave a comment so we can plan food accordingly. Thanks.