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CHIFOO Meeting: How Communities Straddle, Leap, and Land on Technology Choices

CubeSpace [ *sniff* out of business 12 June 2009]

This venue is no longer open for business.

622 SE Grand Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97214, USA (map)
Public WiFi



presented by John Smith, CPsquare

Can a community design its own digital habitat? Can a professional design a habitat on behalf of a community?

Designing for a community is much harder than designing for a solitary individual. A digital habitat includes all the tools and the practices that enable a community to work and reproduce itself. It’s produced collectively, even though it’s experienced individually.

This talk will explore how digital habitats vary across different contexts such as a company intranet, a mostly face-to-face community like CHIFOO, and a mostly online community like Planet Ubuntu.

We’ll discuss some case studies of communities and the evolution of their digital habitats, exploring fundamental design tensions, kinds of tool integration, and the nature of technology stewardship.

Find out more details about John and his work at our website >>


5:00 pm
CHIFOOd — join us for dinner at East Bank Saloon across the street

6:30 pm
Registration, networking, and announcements at CubeSpace

7:00 pm
Program followed by questions and answers, and the rafffle.

CHIFOO is the Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon. We are the local chapter of the ACM, the Association of Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group devoted to computer usability. We usually meet the first Wed. of the month at Cubespace, but always check the schedule at chifoo.org..

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