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TiE Clean Energy SIG

Perkins Coie (PDX)
1120 Nw Couch St, 10th Floor
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



We begin the new year with our Clean energy SIG meeting. The agenda for the evening includes a presentation by Ms. Lacey Riddle, Focus Oregon Organizer for Focus The Nation who will present a project based on proven solar thermal techniques- The SunnySide Neighbourhood Project Overview.

Sunnyside Neighborhood Project Overview

Sunnyside Neighborhood Energy (SunNE) is conceived as a comprehensive solution to local thermal energy needs. SunNE is a project of Northwest Neighborhood Energy (N2E), a new non-profit incorporated in Oregon. SunNE will eventually be structured as a community-owned district energy (DE) utility powered by renewable sources that will serve Sunnyside Environmental School and the surrounding historic neighborhood and commercial areas. The project is modeled on existing mid-sized DE utilities in Sweden, Denmark and Canada, which use solar thermal storage and biofuel boilers to provide thermal energy for detached single-family homes, multi-family residential and small commercial buildings. Adapting these successful international examples for implementation in Oregon gives us a scalable, replicable model whose economic and environmental impact will be tremendous.

Planned system components include thermal solar collectors, mass thermal storage for heating and anticipated cooling, combining water to water and ground-coupled heat pump technology, waste heat recovery, PV arrays and biofuel boilers for boosting and back-up. A distribution system of hydronic insulated pipes will deliver hot and chilled water for space heating, cooling and domestic hot water to the school, several hundred nearby residences, and commercial buildings. SunNE will operate as a member-owned, unregulated franchise utility within the City of Portland.