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Software & Internet SIG - Evolving your startup, Iterating your Product

Monsoon Software
520 Nw Davis St
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



Any student of business history knows that all great companies have evolved, sometimes radically, from their initial ideas and products. With software businesses , especially web based services, the ability to evolve is much more rapid, and coupled with the availability of quantifiable user feedback.

What are some of the development methodologies that actually work in the real world? How do you tie product iteration to tangible revenue opportunities? What kind of feedback should you seek from your customers? How do you listen to what your disinterested consumers are not telling you? How have other people approached this problem, where have they failed, and how have they succeeded?

Join us for a moderated discussion on this topic and bring your questions and insights.

Speaker(s) Contact & Others

Event Host Dhananjay Keskar Panelist Kanth Gopalpur, CEO, Monsoon Works Milind Pandit, Director of Product Management, Iovation