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Collaborative Ingenuity * MOVED TO ECOTRUST *

Ecotrust (Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center)
721 NW Ninth Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)


Collaborative Ingenuity is a free for all forum that lets everyone come to work on any project of his/her choosing that day—with an underwritten agreement that each participant must agree to help everyone to the best of their ability.

While this concept is comparable to co-working, the fact that we have everybody from graphic designer, web developer to account planner (we're looking for more diversity) means that everyone will benefit from having feedbacks from folks who are experts in other things. So the designer's print ad will benefit from the planner's research ability, the planner's website analysis would benefit from the developer's expertise, etc.

Collaborative Ingenuity relies on the fact that new ideas are always born, and sparks always fly when different fields of knowledge intersect and help each other.