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  • Thursday
    Jan 19 2023
    Data PDX: The Data Lakehouse with Bill Inmon

    Bill Inmon known as the father of the data warehouse and has written 68 books, selling over a million copies in total and translated into 9 languages.

    Bill was named by Computerworld as one of the ten most influential people in history of computing. Bill’s company, Forest Rim Technology, has created textual ETL which reads raw text and turn it into a database. Bill lives in Denver Colorado with his wife and his two Scotty dogs.


    Certain vendors have suggested that the organization throw data into a data lake and then let end users analyze the data in the data lake. The data lake quickly turns into a data swamp or sewer. No one gets any value out of the data lake. In order to turn your data into something useful you need to turn your data lake into a Data Lakehouse. This presentation is all about the evolution of architecture and how to start to get value out of your data lake.

    What You Will Learn

    In this presentation Bill will discuss:

    · The evolution of data architecture

    · Data Lakes – where did they come from

    · The Data Lakehouse and the analytic infrastructure

    · Getting a handle on text – text analytics

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    Free! (suggested donation $5 for non-members)

    If you’ve paid any Data PDX/DAMA membership dues during 2019-2021 or are an employee of a corporate member, please choose Member RSVP.


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    Date – Thursday, January, 19th

    Time – 4pm

  • Monday
    Dec 5 2022
    Data PDX: Kùzu Graph Database Management System

    Bio: Semih Salihoğlu is an Associate Professor and a David R. Cheriton Faculty Fellow at University of Waterloo. His research focuses on developing systems for managing, querying, or doing analytics on graph-structured data. His main on-going systems project is Kùzu, which is a new graph database management system that integrates novel storage, indexing and query processing techniques. He holds a PhD from Stanford University and is a recipient of the VLDB 2018 Best Paper and the VLDB 2022 Best Experiments and Analysis Paper awards.

    Abstract: In this talk, I will present the Kùzu graph database management system (GDBMS) that we are developing at University of Waterloo. Datasets and workloads of popular applications that use GDBMSs require a set of storage and query processing features that relational DBMSs (RDBMSs) do not traditionally optimize for. These include optimizations for: (i) many-to-many (m-n) joins; (ii) cyclic joins; (iii) recursive joins; (iv) semi-structured data storage; and (v) support for universal resource identifiers. Kùzu aims to integrate state-of-art storage, indexing, and query processing techniques to highly optimize for this feature set. I will start by presenting the overall vision of Kùzu and then talk about the novel join operators in the system that performs joins using compressed factorized representations of intermediate tables. Kùzu is actively being developed to be a fully functional open-source DBMS with the goal of wide user adoption and under a permissible license.

  • Tuesday
    Jul 12 2022
    Free 2-day Data Engineering Workshop

    Online via Google Meet

    This free 2-day workshop (July 12th & 13th) is sponsored by Data Stack Academy, and will teach beginner-level Python programming skills. We'll also talk about how and why to start a career in data engineering, and how to learn skills on your own or find a data engineering bootcamp. Please register in advance at https://cutt.ly/dsa_events. See http://datastackacademy.com/ for more details.

  • Tuesday
    Jun 28 2022
    Free 2-day Data Engineering workshop

    Online via Google Meet

    This free 2-day workshop (June 28 & 29th) is sponsored by Data Stack Academy, and will teach beginner-level Python programming skills. We'll also talk about how and why to start a career in data engineering, and how to learn skills on your own or find a data engineering bootcamp. Please register in advance at https://cutt.ly/dsa_events

  • Thursday
    Jun 23 2022
    Hacking Data Engineering

    This free event will show people how to start a career in data engineering, the fastest growing job in the tech field. We'll provide a cheatsheet with resources, and discuss how to learn skills on your own, where to find a data engineering bootcamp, and tips for setting yourself up to land a job.

  • Thursday
    Feb 24 2022
    Data PDX Chapter Relaunch

    Online via Google Meet

    Why We’ve Changed Our Name

    DAMA PDX has been rebranded as Data PDX. You’ll notice both the updated website and logo. While a shift in name only, this update represents our goal as a Board to better tailor the meeting content, group direction, and cross-marketing of other user groups and local organizations. DAMA will continue to be our governing body and we intend to remain affiliated to the shared values of training and exposure to all things data management. Our goal is to promote the world of enterprise data management in Portland metro and SW Washington.

    Our new mission statement: To promote conversations around modern, enterprise-ready solutions to data-driven professionals in the Portland metro area


    Membership Survey

    Review results of survey questions about Topics and Content, Meeting Cadence, Meeting Format (including in-person vs virtual), and other items.

    New “interim” Board Members and Elections

    Finally, it’s our pleasure to announce that we have a few new “interim” Board Members who have been contributing to the group at a high level during the reassessment process.


    Your all-volunteer Data PDX board:

    Michael England, President

    Shawn Duffy, VP of Finance (incoming)

    Gene Merrill, VP of Online Services

    Bryant Alvey, VP of Membership (interim)

    Katina Fischer, VP of Programs and Education (interim)


    Virtual event, RSVP for Google Meet or Zoom registration details


    Date – Thursday, Feb. 24th

    Time – 4:30 – 5:30pm

  • Friday
    Feb 19 2021
    Friday Tech Talk at The Tech Academy: Jeff Luxmore - From Noob to Now

    Ever feel like a noob in the technology industry? You are not alone. Join us as Jeff Luxmore shares his journey from noob to Senior Software Engineer at Allwest Auto Remarketing and Owner of his own consulting firm, Left Coast Code.

    Come join us for networking, learning, and engagement!

    Learn more about The Tech Academy at www.LearnCodingAnywhere.com