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Data PDX: The Data Lakehouse with Bill Inmon

Online via Google Meet

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Bill Inmon known as the father of the data warehouse and has written 68 books, selling over a million copies in total and translated into 9 languages.

Bill was named by Computerworld as one of the ten most influential people in history of computing. Bill’s company, Forest Rim Technology, has created textual ETL which reads raw text and turn it into a database. Bill lives in Denver Colorado with his wife and his two Scotty dogs.


Certain vendors have suggested that the organization throw data into a data lake and then let end users analyze the data in the data lake. The data lake quickly turns into a data swamp or sewer. No one gets any value out of the data lake. In order to turn your data into something useful you need to turn your data lake into a Data Lakehouse. This presentation is all about the evolution of architecture and how to start to get value out of your data lake.

What You Will Learn

In this presentation Bill will discuss:

· The evolution of data architecture

· Data Lakes – where did they come from

· The Data Lakehouse and the analytic infrastructure

· Getting a handle on text – text analytics

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Date – Thursday, January, 19th

Time – 4pm