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  • Tuesday
    Feb 19 2019
    Tech Startup Pitch Practice [Online Meetaway]

    This event is exclusively for technology startup founders. Founders, this is a risk-free way for you to get feedback on your investor pitch and stack the odds in your favor. If you want to raise funding for your venture, then this event is for you.

    We're running this event over Meetaway -- the format is back-to-back 1on1 conversations over video call where you'll have the ability to pitch and get feedback from a number of other founders. It's efficient and a great way to get targeted feedback in a low-stakes setting.

    RSVP and we'll send you a link to join.

    The event is at Feb 19, 5-6pm Pacific.

  • Tuesday
    Feb 26 2019
    Startup Founders in Tech [1on1 Conversations over Video]

    Startup Founders of Tech Startups Only

    We're startup founders building tech to solve problems in the world. We meet the 4th Tuesday of the month at 1pm Pacific to collaborate on our pressing challenges. The format is 1on1 conversations over video where you'll have the ability to choose who you meet. It's designed to be easy to join, get value, and get back to work.

    The event is limited to tech startup founders in tech who are beyond idea stage. Reach out if you have questions.


    PS - If you're interested but not yet in the group, it's easy to join. RSVP for this event and I'll follow-up. We want to ensure the group remains as promised... a group of Startup Founders in Tech.

  • Tuesday
    Mar 12 2019
    EdTech Entrepreneurs helping EdTech Entrepreneurs Meetaway

    This event is exclusively for entrepreneurs who are working in EdTech. If you're an EdTech entrepreneur and want to collaborate with other EdTech entrepreneurs, then this event is for you so RSVP today!

    We're bringing together EdTech entrepreneurs from across the country to share insights, contacts, and industry trends. I'm running the event online, over Meetaway, so you'll be able to choose who you meet and then you'll meet them over a series of 1:1 video calls. After each conversation, Meetaway will automatically rotate to the next one.

    If you want to connect with other EdTech entrepreneurs, then RSVP today!


Past events that happened here

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